NO cost to you:

When using a realtor there is no added cost to you when buying a new home. The seller/builder pays out the commission to the buyers agent.


A realtor has lots of experience dealing with builders and can lead you in the right direction for the home you are looking to purchase. Sometimes the amount of floor plans and models can be overwhelming and having an experienced realtor on your side can help direct you towards what will fit your criteria for your future home.


Using a realtor they solely represent your best interest where the builder sales rep is working in the best interest of the builder. A realtor can negotiate on your behalf and ask the important questions to get you to a price that is fitting for your future investment.

Comparable Market Analysis:

A realtor is able to provide you with comparable homes in the area so you can see what your investment could possibly make you in the future.

Protecting Your Investment:

A realtor will help you pick the right location,upgrades, and floor plan to ensure a profitable sale in the future.

Don’t have a builder in mind?

We have some great builders we work with that can build you a custom home on the lot of your choice.


When using the BTeam to purchase a new build we send a $400 gift card to the store of your choice to help you get setup in your new home.