“It’s so much fun to look at homes when you aren’t needing to purchase a home. But- when it’s time to actually buy a home, then it really does become work. You draw up your list of what you want, you set your budget and then you start looking. And looking. And looking. I certainly found that having Brittany working FOR me, meant that I didn’t have to sort through the many, many homes that were listed when I was ready to buy. We sat down, I told her what I was looking for, and she presented me with what she thought might be the right home for me. And of course, over the period of a few weeks, what I was looking for changed. And Brittany used her knowledge of the area, and the market to guide me to the house that was to be mine. When we finally found my house, Brittany continued to provide her guidance as to what comparable were for the area and style of home. We got the home I wanted, for the price I was wanting to pay.

She is professional, knowledgeable and a real pleasure to work with. We became a team- and I always knew that she was looking out for my best interest. I hope to never, ever, ever have to move again, but if I do, I’ll certainly go back to Brittany Brown to help me find that next home.”